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White Candle

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Our candles are created with a high concentration of perfume oils, a unique wax blend, and wicks comprised of natural fibers to offer a lovely sensory experience. These candles are presented in ceramic vessel and placed inside our carefully crafted box after being poured by hand in Miami.


BLEND N.1- Inspired by "Imagination"

Your adventure awaits; take your olfactory senses on a journey. Calabrian bergamot and Sicilian orange open the fragrance with luminous freshness, met with subtle sensations of heat from warming cinnamon and ginger. The final destination of this voyage takes an intoxicating turn with the white gold of perfumery — a dose of ambroxan that embodies contemporary masculine elegance.

Top Notes: Calabrian Bergamot, Citron & Sicilian Orange

Middle Notes: Ceylon Cinnamon, Nigerian Ginger & Tunisian Neroli

Base Notes: Chinese Black Tea, Ambroxan, Guaiac Wood & Olibanum


BLEND N.2- Inspired by "Santal 26”

Close your eyes and think of cowboy boots and crackling campfires. After being ignited by fresh bergamot and lemon, your senses are warmed by the smoky scents of aged leather and then softened by floral notes and earthy tones of musk and sandalwood. A subtle and calming fragrance for the distinguished individual, this mysterious concoction also sets the ambiance alight in your space.

Top Notes: Bergamot & Lemon

Middle Notes: Cardamom, Pear & Neroli

Base Notes: Leather, Musk, Sandalwood & Ambrette


BLEND N.3- Inspired by "Baccarat Rouge 540”

Travel back in time with one of the most ancient ingredients in perfumery; saffron. Traditionally referred to as “red gold” and used to scent extravagant temples and palaces, the intimate quality of this soft, leathery, and alluringly sweet fragrance is uplifted with radiant floral notes of jasmine. As it develops, your senses are met with the mineral facets of ambergris and the woody tones of freshly cut cedar.

Top Notes: Saffron & Jasmine

Middle Notes: Ambergris & Amberwood

Base Notes: Fir Resin & Cedarwood


BLEND N.4- Inspired by "Aventus”

Inspired by the tenacious career of a historic emperor, this scent represents strength, power, and success. It sets the tone for driven individuals to savor a life well-lived. Refreshing citrus top notes are met with a woody and earthy essence infused with a delicate sweetness. All of these aromas melt into a luxurious pineapple and ambergris base, resulting in an opulent blend that effortlessly elevates the ambiance.

Top Notes: Pineapple, Bergamot & Cardamom

Middle Notes: Birch, Patchouli, Jasmine & Rose

Base Notes: Ambergris, Musk, Vanilla & Oak Moss


BLEND N.5- Inspired by "Limmensite”

This enchanting blend infuses a touch of magic into your space. A whisper of fresh ginger speaks to the soul, warming the heart and spurring on an infinite inner journey. It is brightened by the bitterness of grapefruit and softened by seductive amber and ambroxan notes that linger throughout the entire life of the fragrance. The soothing qualities of rosemary and geranium lend to a sense of clarity and balance.

Top Notes: Grapefruit, Ginger, Labdanum, Ambroxan & Amber

Middle Notes: Water, Sage, Rosemary & Geranium

Base Note: Ambroxan & Amber


BLEND N.6- Inspired by "Tobacco Absolute”

This luxurious blend was born to satisfy a desire for sensual, sophisticated, and alluring scents. It crafts stories on the skin and in your space, evoking strong emotions and poetic journeys wherever it wanders. Enlivening ginger and grape mature into intoxicating notes of smoky tobacco, all unfolding among woody undertones. The end result is a multi-faceted fragrance that denotes pure extravagance.

Top Notes: Ginger, Bergamot & White Wine

Middle Notes: Tobacco, Cedar, Nutmeg, Orris & Violet

Base Notes: Patchouli & Peru Balsam


BLEND N.7- Inspired by "Oud & Bergamot”

Inspired by the art of simplicity, this blend is infused with a trio of scents that suit individuals with a refined taste. Crisp bergamot and earthy cedarwood notes mingle with the mysterious, smoky character of oud, an opulent ingredient that is central to Middle Eastern fragrance traditions. The end result is hypnotic and alluring no matter where it manifests — whether that be on your skin or in your space.

Top Notes: Bergamot

Middle Notes: Cedarwood

Base Notes: Oud


 BLEND N.8- Inspired by "Ombre Nomade”

Get lost in the depths of an enchanted forest. This blend lures you in with a tempting sweetness from an intoxicating infusion of rose and blackberry. The further you wander, your senses are intrigued by rich and aromatic scents, imbued with intense leather accents that conjure up distant memories from the past. And when you fully immerse yourself, you’re completely hypnotized by the mystical character of oud.

Top Notes: Rose & Blackberry

Middle Notes: Benzoin & Frankincense

Base Notes: Oud & Leather


BLEND N.9- Inspired by "Green Irish Tweed”

Characterized by a clean and earthy character, violet leaf grows at the heart of this fragrance composition — a single ingredient that takes a traditional floral and makes it modern and invigorating. It is softened by a smooth sandalwood base and lifted with delicate citrus notes. The end result is reminiscent of freshly cut grass on a spring morning, eliciting a sense of vitality and new beginnings.

Top Notes: Verbena, Iris & Lemon

Middle Notes: Violet Leaf

Base Notes: Ambergris & Sandalwood


BLEND N.10- Inspired by "California Dream”

Mandarin harnesses the spirit of a majestic sunset at the end of a joy-filled day. Its burning glow is subdued by ambrette and its subtle warmth, revealing hints of delicate florals as the sun slowly lapses. When night falls, vanilla-infused benzoin envelops the senses in an alluring sweetness that is married with a lasting note of seductive musk — a pairing that encapsulates unforgettable summer evenings.  

Top Notes: Mandarin & Pear

Middle Notes: Florals

Base Notes: Ambrette Seed, Musk & Benzoin

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